The Loyal Servants

These are the brave souls that protected the Pharaoh, Yugi, and the Priests to the extremes of their abilities in the Memory World and in the past life. They are the very embodiments of love, loyalty, strength, and courage.


In the manga, Bobasa suddenly appears on the steps on Domino Museum when Yugi-tachi go to retrieve the other Yugi’s memory. He claims to have come as per order from Shadii. He can be called a human safe. His chest has the impression of all seven Millennium Items. His vest acts as the vault door, which after he locks with a key, he swallows the key. Bobasa has an alternative identity in the manga known as Hasan.

However, in the anime, Bobasa is a character that appears out of nowhere in the Memory World. The Bobasa in the anime is much more whimisical and even child-like in demeanor in comparison to his manga counterpart. Like Yugi and the others, Bobasa is insubstantial and cannot be seen by the denizens of Egypt. Unlike Yugi and the others though, he can eat and lift certain objects. Bobasa is able to offer Yugi-tachi many ways to get around Egypt and find the Pharaoh’s name. After he brings them to the unfinished tomb of Atemu to find the name, he leaves and does not return.

Shimon Mura

Ka: Exodia

Shimon Mura is an adviser to the Pharaoh Atemu. In the reign of Atemu’s father, Shimon was one of the Six Priests serving Pharaoh Akunumkanon. He wielded the power of the Millennium Ankh. Shimon also sacrifices his life to protect the Pharaoh. He summons Exodia to battle Zork but even Exodia is no match for the Dark God’s strength. He dies an honorable death and continues to serve Atemu in his own way in his present reincarnation as Mutou Sugoroku.


Ka: Blue Eyes White Dragon

Kisara is what can be considered the embodiment of the Blue Eyes White Dragon- in all her loyalty and love (romantic or otherwise, depending on interpretations) for Priest Set. When she was younger, Kisara was taken away to be sold to slavery. Then one cold desert night, a boy with brown hair and blue eyes rescused her from her cage and allowed her to make her way to freedom. She continued to wander Egypt since that day.

It is a chance meeting that she should encounter that same boy years later. That boy had grown up to be the High Priest Set. He rescues her from the persecution of peasants in the capital and takes her back to the palace. She is taken care of under his orders and he watched over her. She is willing to follow Set anywhere and protect him from anything/anyone because of everything he has done for her thus far. Kisara gives her life to protect Set from his father, the Dark Priest Akunadin.


Ka: Black Magician Girl

Mana is the previous manifestation of Black Magician Girl, much in the same way as Mahaado is for Black Magician. Mana is Mahaado’s student in the magical arts. She is very friendly with both Mahaado and Atemu. She even has a nickname for Atemu, though Mahaado frequently reprimands her for her lack of respect. She loves her teacher very much and is devastated when she learned of his end. She works endlessly to protect Atemu in Mahaado’s place and to honor the sacrifice of her beloved teacher made. In the manga, her power and contribution to the battle against Darkness are recognized for she is promoted to the position of a High Priestess and inherits the Millennium Ring.


Hasan is the mysterious man with the shining gold mask that appears in the Memory World. He claims to be loyal to the Pharaoh and will protect him at almost any cost. In the manga, Hasan is an alternative identity of Bobasa. He is the spirit of the Memory slate with a mission to guide the Pharaoh, similar to how Bobasa acts as a guide to Yugi. In the anime, his identity is never revealed. He is defeated at the hands of Zork, protecting Atemu with his life. Shadii later take possession of the corpse and uses it to act as a shield to protect Atemu from Zork once more. This time, both Shadii and Hasan’s body are destroyed without a trace.