Duke Devlin

Otogi is an enterprising young man who runs/owns the Black Clown game shop. He opened it in Domino City for the sole purpose of putting the Kame Game Shop out of business. When he first attended Domino High, he tricks Jounouchi to make the other boy challenge him to a duel. Otogi accepts on the condition that they both use brand new decks. Jou agrees, even though that meant the winner would be determined by luck, and not really by skill. At the Black Clown game shop the two battle each other on live television. Just when it looked like Jou would win, Otogi played a combo that defeated Jou. As the loser, he had to wear a dog costume and be Otogi’s slave for a week. This prompts Yugi to challenge Otogi for Jou’s freedom, and he accepts. However he made Yugi promise that they would play the game Otogi invented, and if he lost, Yugi would have to agree never to duel again. Despite the odds he agrees.

The two play Dungeon Dice Monsters, a game Otogi had created himself. As they fight, Yugi and friends learn that Otogi wants revenge on them for defeating Pegasus. He had met the ‘creator’ of Duel Monsters and had been impressed when Pegasus beat him at Dungeon Dice Monsters (with the help of the Millennium Eye of course, coughcheatercough). Pegasus had agreed to help Otogi produce and sell his game. However before he could sign the contract, Pegasus was beaten in Duelist Kingdom and disappeared. Otogi’s dream was crushed, and he wanted to show the world that Yugi was a fraud. He couldn’t believe he could have overcome Pegasus fairly.

Even though Otogi hadn’t told Yami Yugi all the rules in the beginning, Yami Yugi quickly learns how to use the help screen console. By checking it every so often, he manages to get the hang of the rules, and yes, eventually defeats Otogi at his own game. This is when Otogi realizes that Yami Yugi is a great player, and that he could have beaten Pegasus in a fair duel. He realizes his mistake and repents. Otogi frees Jou of his slavery and apologizes to the gang. After the duel he receives an email from Industrial Illusions saying that they would market his game after all.

Family Members

In the manga, Otogi had been helping his father to get revenge on Sugoroku. His father acts as the clown mascot for his game shop, the Black Clown. He dresses as a clown to hide the scars he acquired from Sugoroku. He does not appear in the anime.

Signature Card

Armed Ninja

ATK 300/DEF 300
FLIP: Destroys 1 Spell card on the field. If this card’s target is face-down, flip it face-up. If the card is a Spell Card, it is not destroyed. If not, it is returned to its face-down position. The flipped card is not activated.