Bakura is a transfer student to Domino. He possesses the Millennium Ring. His father had given it to him after he came back from an excavation in Egypt. Yugi-tachi befriend him quite quickly. They also discover his twisted alter ego within the Millennium Ring.

Family Members

His father is an archeologist. He is rarely ever home with his son. In the manga, he had a little sister, named Amane, who died in a car accident. His mother is also presumed dead, from what one can infer from the manga.

Deck Type

Occult decks are dependent on magic cards to support the monsters. Most of the monsters are also armed with deadly effects when sent to the graveyard. In many ways, an occult deck resembles a ghost deck. The occult deck is far more deadly though. The magic cards will render the opposition senseless.

Past Life

Bakura is like Yugi. The same questions apply here as with the other boy. Who is he really?

Love Interest

None so far. Poor boy barely has a part in the show.


Bakura is an enigma. Seriously, he must be one of the strangest characters in the show. For one thing, he was just dropped in in the anime. His previous character had never been developed. Despite those things, one has to wonder about him. Bakura is not stupid. He obviously knows of the other him residing in the Ring and the harm the entity has done to him and his friends. He still continues to wear it though.

Signature Card

Change of Heart

Magic: Select and control 1 opposing monster (regardless of position) on the field until the end of your turn.

Though Bakura is never fully aware of his darker ego, this choice of a card is fully indicative of the duality of his personalities. It’s easy to figure out which side represents Bakura and which side represents Yami Bakura.