The “Bad” Guys

The Big 5

The Big 5 refers to the five top stockholders of Kaiba Corp. Seto Kaiba managed to attain their support when he was trying to overthrow his adopted father, Gozabaro Kaiba. Later on, they try to seize control of Kaiba Corp for themselves by making a deal with Pegasus. They wanted him to eliminate Seto and capture Mokuba. The Big 5 wanted to use the young boy since only a Kaiba family member could lead the company.

The Big 5 is comprised of the Head of Human Resources, the company lawyer, the former head of Kaiba Corporations’ weapons development, and a former bodyguard of Kaiba Gozaburo’s.

Kaiba Noa

Appears only in the anime.

American Dub: Noah Kaiba

Age: Died at the age of ten, present age between 17 and 23

Noa is the real son of Kaiba Gozaburo. He died in a car crash years before Gozaburo adopted Seto. He had died around the age of ten, the age which Seto had been adopted. Gozaburo uploaded his brain into a computer and Noa has “lived” as an AI in the VR world his father created for him ever since.

Deck Type:

Heaven’s and Earth’s Creation (Creator)

When Noa first duels (against Kaiba no less), his surroundings changed with each turn. He speaks of the Seven Turns of Creation, corresponding with the Seven Days of Creation from the book of Genesis in the Old Testament of the Bible. In his VR world, Noa is very much like a Creator entity. He can manipulate the surroundings as he wills. He may strike any unfortunate mind down if they anger him. This comes from his aspiration to fulfill his father’s expectation of him and best Kaiba in everything possible.

Kaiba Gozaburo

American Dub: Gozaburo Kaiba

Kaiba Gozaburo adopted Seto and Mokuba when they were respectively ten and five. Seto had challenged the man to a game of chess and if Seto won, Gozaburo would adopt both of them and name Seto his heir. Gozaburo laughed. He was the World Chess Champion after all. He never thought that he would lose to the child genius. He adopted Seto but placed him under a strict training program. He forced Seto to study non-stop and took away all the boy’s toys. He was not pleased with Seto’s idea of KaibaLand.

It is later revealed that Gozaburo actually adopted Seto for the sole reason the boy resembled his deceased son. It was not for sentimental reasons though. His son, Noa, though his physical shell was gone, continued to live on in a computer system. Seto was supposed to motivation for Noa, a rival of sorts.

As Gozaburo neared death, he placed himself through the same process as his son, Kaiba Gozaburo. He was not content losing his company to Seto. He would live on as an AI and would somehow reclaim his company, through any means possible.


Appears only in the anime.

Dartz is the leader of the DOMA organization. Not much is known for him except the fact that he was one one who prevented Yami from recovering his memories. His purpose is to revive the “dark god” and to achieve that, he needs the sole of strong duelists. The first sacrifice has already been lined up and that is Pegasus J. Crawford. Does he have some kind of connection with the disaster that destroyed Atlantis ten thousand years ago?


Appears only in the anime.

Amelda is often mistaken as a female but he is very much a he. He is one of the three warriors in the service of Dartz and the DOMA organization. He was employed by Dartz because of his hatred toward Kaiba Seto and Kaiba Corporations. His little brother was killed in an attack that used Kaiba Corporations weapons that were developed back in Gozaburo’s days. He now directs his hatred toward Seto and hopes to get revenge for his poor little brother.


Appears only in the anime.

Raphael is another one of the warriors of DOMA. Less is known about him. He was the sole survivor of a marine accident. Why does he content himself to work for a man like Dartz?


Appears only in the anime.

Varon is the last of the warriors of DOMA. He seems more easy-going than his comrades. He seems to like riding his motorcycle. Varon was also the one who brought Mai into the folds of the DOMA organization. Could he have some interest in the Harpie Queen?

Zork Necrophedious

Appears only in the manga.

Zork is an even darker spirit trapped in the Millennium Puzzle along with the soul of the Nameless Pharaoh. Before his grotesque transformation, he was the Priest Akunadean, who wore the Millennium Eye. He was also Priest Seto’s father, though Seto didn’t know it himself. In ancient times, he tried to gather all seven Items to wield the ultimate power. His motivation is largely unknown but it is possible that it has something to do with the wish he made when he first done the Eye. He wished that his son, Seto, would be able to become Pharaoh. In the Memory World, he has reawakened as Yami slowly regains his memories. The events of the past that are replaying has a horrible twist. Whoever dies here in the Memory Worlds will truly die and the other will return to the real world. Zork now seeks to destroy Yami so he may be the victor and return to the world after three thousand years of imprisonment.