Ancient Evils

These are the evils that haunted the deserts of ancient Egypt. They waited in the Darkness for their chance to attack. When they did, the world was plunged into Darkness.

Thief King, Bakura

Ka: Diabound

Bakura has an intense hatred for Atemu’s father, and even manages to desecrate the former Pharaoh’s tomb. The reason for his loathing is due to the destruction of his hometown, Kuru Eruna. Bakura is the lone survivor of the tragedy of Kuru Eruna. He watched as his entire village was brought down around him and hated the imperial powers as a result. His loathing has passed onto the the former Pharaoh’s son, Atemu. Bakura will stop at nothing until he took possession of every Millennium Items. He wants to claim the power of the great God of Evil, Zork. Bakura has the ability to utilize the rage of the restless spirits of those who died for the creation of the Items. This ability may be why Yami Bakura of the modern world uses an Occult-based deck.

Zork (Necrophedious)

In the manga, Zork is an even darker spirit trapped in the Millennium Puzzle along with the soul of the Nameless Pharaoh. In the Memory World, he has reawakened as Yami slowly regains his memories. The events of the past that are replaying has a horrible twist. Whoever dies here in the Memory Worlds will truly die and the other will return to the real world. Zork now seeks to destroy Yami so he may be the victor and return to the world after three thousand years of imprisonment.

Zork is the great God of Evil in the anime. He can be released by placing all seven Items into their respective slots in the Pharaoh’s Memory slate. Zork is willing to bestow awesome dark powers to those who would release him. Thief Bakura was attempting to gather all seven Items for that purpose. It is Akunadin who actually releases the dark god.

The Dark High Priest, Akunadin

Akunadin is the one who actually completed Thief Bakura’s aim.