Would you like to link to us? Would us like to link to you? It’s really easy.


  1. Your site must be Yu-Gi-Oh related in some shape or form.
  2. Absolutely no hentai sites. End of discussion. Shonen-ai/shoujo-ai is allowed but nothing graphic.
  3. No character bashing.
  4. No clubs (i.e. MSN, Neopets, etc.).
  5. Your site must be pleasing to the eye, that means a decent layout and a certain amount of content, at least 20 pages of plausible and original content. You earn extra points if the layout is of your own design.
  6. Spelling and grammar counts. No STiCkY cApS! There is something called spell-check and grammar-check. Use it.
  7. No stolen content. You steal from anyone and we will not take kindly to it. Credit is always due!
  8. Our button or link must already be on your site before-hand. It must also be in a visible place such as the main/splash page or on an affiliates page. Do not hotlink off our site. Save the button on your server. I know you have the space for that.
  9. Go Teen Titans!
  10. You should have a button (no larger than 88×31) for us to link you.
  11. Please no “starting-out” sites. At least have it be near completed.

If you think that your site meets these requirements, fill out the form below. We will review your site and get back to you as soon as possible. If your site doesn’t meet all requirements above somehow but we still like it, we may place you in our links page.

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